The Danube region has one of the richest forest resources in Europe, including the largest areas of pristine forests. Not only are they home to some of the last remaining endangered animal and plant species, but they also provide valuable ecosystem to local communities.

Wooden cultural heritage is best represented in its diversity and thus represents a key resource for the development of ecotourism alternatives, a nature-based solution for sustainable development and the preservation of the cultural identity of local communities. The project aims to establish a cultural route that makes the natural and cultural assets and heritage of a broad region along the Danube visible and liveable.

The project partners are aware that in addition to promoting sustainable development of green tourism and their tourism products, it is essential to protect the living landscape of the regional cultural assets. The project will promote a positive attitude towards wood and the sustainable use of forest resources while supporting the long-term preservation of this European heritage.

Activities will include an inventory and mapping of the natural and cultural heritage related to forests and wood in order to raise awareness of the common good of the Danube Region.

The specific needs of the different regions in terms of preservation and sustainable use of resources will be evaluated and integrated through a pathway for the sustainable implementation of activities linked to regional actors in tourism.

The project will provide tools and instruments to implement the most promising routes. This will strengthen the capacities and knowledge of stakeholders and target groups in the regions and create opportunities for additional funding of regional initiatives.

Pilot actions in the participating countries (e.g. trainings, toolbox, crowfunding) will put the strategy into practise. The developed instruments and products will be visible as the initiation of the Danube Woods Route. This will help to harmonise development and contribute to sustainable development in small and rural communities. It will provide a continuous platform for mutual learning, multinational understanding, transnational cooperation and a basis for unifying regional development.

Project duration: January 1st 2024 – June 30th 2026.


  • BSC - Business support centre Kranj (SI)
  • HVH - Holz von Hier nonprofit (DE)
  • APB - Association of Parks in Bulgaria (BG)
  • VEDA - Varna Economic Development Agency (BG)
  • WWF - Romania Association (RO)
  • RDA PK - Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region (CZ)
  • RDA BKP - Regional Development Agency for
  • Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (ME)
  • HDK - Croatian Wood Cluster (HR)
  • RDA P - Regional development Agency of the Presov self governing region (SK)
  • SMART Development Center Association România (RO)
  • DCC - Danube competence center Serbia (RS)
  • ZRDA - Zlatibor Regional Development Serbia (RS)
  • SERDA - Sarajevo economic region development agency (BA)
  • NPK - National park Kozara (BA)
  • STRIA - South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (HU)
Project DANUBE WOODs ROUTE is supported by the Interreg programme Danube Region and co-funded by the European Union.
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