The TEX-DAN project will establish a transnational cooperation of SMEs in the Danube region to improve the circular economy in the value chains of the textile and fashion industry. The production of textiles is very resource-intensive, while at the same time the recycling of textiles is very limited compared to other industries. The textile and fashion sector lags behind other sectors in the circular economy, including a low awareness of circular solutions.

European textile consumption has the fourth largest impact on the environment and climate change and is the third largest sector for higher use of water and land, and the fifth largest for the use of primary raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions.

The TEX-DAN project addresses the need to improve knowledge, approaches, know-how on innovative technologies, support measures and policy change that will lead to the successful mainstreaming of the circular economy in the textile sector.

We will test technology solutions along 4 key segments of the T&F value chain:

In addition, the piloting is preceded by the collection of good practices that are to be promoted within the framework of Living Labs and continued under the umbrella of the established Danube Circular Textile Cluster.

Our partnership also aims to improve local, regional and national policies to promote the circular economy. We will address gaps in the legal background, regulations and policies that hinder the uptake of circular technologies by SMEs. The measures developed will target supportive legislation and tailored public support for the uptake of circular solutions by SMEs.

Project duration: January 1st 2024 – June 30th 2026.
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