Implemented projects

Acronym Social Seeds
Role of ISD External expert
Project description SOCIAL SEEDS project aims to equip policy-makers with evidence-based policy diagnostic tool that increases the effectiveness of local and regional policies for stimulation of growth & employment (preferably of vulnerable social groups) in social enterprises including their eco-systems in European cities and regions. To this end, regional and local government-run measurement and labelling scheme addressed to social enterprises (SE) has been established. Project helped policy-makers’ to implement concrete actions towards creating the right conditions to allow the sector to thrive.
Funding source Interreg Europe
Time period 2016-2021
Acronym Night Light
Role of ISD Stakeholder
Project description In the Night Light project regional authorities from The Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Luxemburg, Denmark, Slovenia and Italy join forces to improve regional policies for the prevention of light pollution, preservation of dark skies and the sustainable exploitation of dark sky places. The project  introduced packages of regional policy measures for each of the partner regions that resulted in a lasting reduction of light pollution, the designation of nature areas where dark skies are protected and the introduction of new services and facilities to attract eco-tourism to these dark sky areas.
Funding source Interreg Europe
Time period 2017-2021
Acronym Smart Watch
Role of ISD External expert
Project description SMART_watch project created a cooperation platform between key participants the innovation sectors in Central Europe. Project created an international network of Regional Observatories of smart specializations in Central Europe, monitoring technology trends and market development in the areas of innovative technologies and smart sectors. Project increased knowledge, competences and contacts that enterprises can use to improve their competitiveness and implement innovations. Technology areas covered within the SMART_watch project are: health, life science, ICT, future services, sustainable production technics and Industry 4.0.
Funding source Interreg Central Europe
Time period 2017-2020
Acronym EnFem
Role of ISD External expert
Project description The main end purpose of the Project was to change the negative collective image of “migrant women”. Project also offered a concrete opportunity of access to educational facilities, local social and cultural life while minimizing the isolation of migrant women at the local level.EnFem project developed innovative educational tools as well as concrete initiatives facilitating the integration of migrant women in the host society, more particularly in the creative, cultural and educational sectors. Project supported local communities with physical instruments in order to be better involved on the spot at the local level, to guarantee a fuller integration of migrant women, foster their participation in community life/citizenship and restrict their isolation.
Funding source European Commission - DG HOME
Time period 2017-2018
Role of ISD External expert
Project description Recent experience suggests that it is necessary to promote a transition towards regional food systems. FOOD CORRIDORS encourages the creation of a network of cities committed to the design of food plans that extend from the urban and peri-urban areas through a corridor that facilitates an urban-rural connection. This approach enhances the generation of production and consumption environments founded on a base of economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Funding source Interreg URBACT
Time period 2019-2022
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